Pick up & Delivery options

All orders are available for Pick Up at a central location within Camp Creek Market Place (this option is free of charge). If order is not picked up within 20 minutes after the scheduled pick time, order(s) will be canceled and non-refundable. 

Deliveries made outside of Camp Creek Market Place surroundings will be charged a delivery fee of $1.90 per mile, roundtrip (minimum of $50).

Delivery fees will be calculated and collected with the final invoice (remaining balance).

Upon scheduled delivery of your order, please make sure that a designated recipient is available to accept the delivery within 20 minutes of the scheduled delivery time. If recipient is not available within 20 minutes, order will canceled and non-refundable at that time (including delivery fees).

**Delivery fees are non-refundable. Final invoices are due 48 hours prior to your chosen pick-up/delivery date. Therefore, we require that your pick-up/delivery are chosen and cemented before the final invoice is due.