Who is the Creative Genius behind Winenot Xperience?

Meet our CEO and Culinary Creative Designer...Shay Cowser. 

Shay is a native of Detroit, who like most residents of this vibrant city, migrated to Atlanta for it's promising future. With a dream and a natural flair of creativity, she began her journey of intermingling flavors as a successful bartender. It was in this role that she discovered her instinctive palate and how the combination of certain foods would immediately elevate a simple food & beverage into an extraordinary XPERIENCE.  

How do you combine a passion for fusing flavors with design ingenuity... Charcuterie!!!

Fast Forward 14 years... Shay continued to pair fine foods with her knowledge of potent potables and became highly sought after to design charcuterie boards & bartend for private events. Now she has made this love of the palate available to the Atlanta public with her company... Winenot Xperience!

Xperience your very own Party for your Palate, by ordering one of our delectable Charcuterie Boards, Boxes, or Party Trays!!